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Distributor Of Multi Plate Pipe Arch (MPPA)
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Distributor Of Multi Plate Pipe Arch (MPPA)

Specification of Distributor Of Multi Plate Pipe Arch (MPPA)

Multi Plate Pipe Arches (MPPA) is a type of sheet of galvanized steel plate that has been through the process of Korugasi (wrinkle), Pelubangan (blow) and Curvature (curved) and assembled using high tensile bolts connecting the grade 8.8 to form indentations full circle with customized shapes and sizes needed. This consists of 3 types of radius plate applies to upper RADIUS (TOP), side (SIDE) and bottom (BOTTOM). Multi Plate Pipe (MPP), Multi Plate Pipe Arches (MPPA) is very suitable for the conditions of the river that are not too deep but has a sizable Library landscape. 1. application of a kind of Multi Plate Pipe Arches: Drainage Irrigation The bridge spans the library small and large 2. Specifications Product type Multi Plate Pipe Arches: Span: 1850 . = "table of alt =" "/> p > nWrbR alt =

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